Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So I got a ticket a couple weeks ago. There's a police officer that directs traffic in the mornings at a busy intersection at EKU. He motioned for cars in both lanes of my road to stop, which we did. He let the cars in the road perpendicular to our road start turning left and right while we waited. When I saw that there was going to be no one coming turning into the lane of the perpendicular road heading into EKU, I thought it would be okay for me to turn right. Nope. The police officer was kind and explained the situation to me when he pulled me over because I had no idea what I had done wrong.
My mistake, clearly. But now the charge on my record is "Eluding a police officer"! This brings with it a 6 month probation of my license, and traffic school. I hate how that looks--it makes it sound like I led the police on a high speed chase!
So there you go--I am a candidate for that show Cops.

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