Thursday, April 19, 2007

When you can't think of terms like "boycott" or "resist", I think that's a sign you need to call it quits on your paper.

Hopefully this paper will turn out okay. The last time this professor asked us to write an essay, he made his requirements so vague that 98% of the class got papers back covered in red marks. Thankfully he realized his error and did not count it towards our overall grades.

For those of you dying to find out, the paper is about the serials crisis in scholarly publishing. Publishers in this field--the science, technology, and medical journals--make a 40% profit. Subscriptions to certain journals reach $30,000. Considering that publishers, particularly Elsevier, the one every librarian loves to hate, routinely raise their annual subscriptions by double digits, it's not hard to see why libraries are starting to fight back.

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