Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Community and the American way of life

I'm reading Bill McKibben's book "Deep economy: the wealth of communities and the durable future." He says that we need to return to a more local community--supporting local farmers, keeping our money local--and we need to learn to get by with less (ie do you really need to buy the latest Martha Stewart kitchen appliance when the one you've got works just fine).
One thing that really struck me is his statement that the American way of life is not sustainable, much less so if the rest of the world is trying to attain our level of living. We humans may want it to be true, but the earth just can't keep up with our growing demands.
Is this true? At her talk, Barbara Kingsolver posited a similar stance, that we should strive to become "locavores"--eating locally--to help conserve the amount of oil that goes just into transporting food. She made the statement that "It's not a question of 'what if' the oil runs out, but 'when.'"

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