Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pope and the bogeyman

The cat jumped on my head last night right when I turned off the light and rolled over to go to sleep. I have the mark and blood to prove it.

My first thought was a mouse (Pope usually knows that claws+human skin=not good). But I didn't find anything except Pope crouched wide-eyed under the bed.

Which makes me uneasy for several reasons:
  1. if there was a mouse...I don't even want to go there
  1. it was something else
I am more attuned to Pope's behavior than most people--he's my hearing ear cat, if you will. So I notice when he reacts to things--like someone at the door, or the phone ringing--but I also notice when he gets startled, or starts staring at something, or is generally acting strange. Last night, he was staring at the door, as if there was something on the other side. Never mind that this apartment is new for the both of us, with its new sounds and nooks and corners, it was at night and we were alone with my overactive imagination and the knowledge that in stories and folklore, cats are able to see through the veil separating this world from the realm of the unknown--for instance, in Constantine, gaze into a cat's eyes long enough, and you will be transported to hell.

Yes, I am still afraid of bogeymen. In my defense, Sue is too, and we commiserate.

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