Friday, July 27, 2007

RSS feeds

I like the idea of RSS feeds in theory, but I wasn't too sure about them in practice. I think this is because most of my web-surfing activity consists of checking a few, relatively static, websites regularly, with the occasional foray into speeding-bullet-updated websites. I'm not a a big news-checker on the web--seeing the daily news, glimpsing the occasional newspaper headline, and word-of-mouth does it for me--which is something that RSS feeds would work really well for.
But I went ahead and set one up, just to see what it's like. I've set up an account on Bloglines, and after the initial overwhelming, stumbling-around-the-website-tour, I got started. Jane Austen related blogs were my focus, since I knew I had to be interested in checking my feeds.
Since I know you're so curious, here's what I've subscribed to so far:
Austenblog...she's everywhere
Jane Austen's world
Books & Culture
Modestly Yours
Relevant Magazine
Tame the Web
EKU Library Learning 2.0
Dwain's blog

What I like about Bloglines so far is the ability to display items as far back as a month, or just one day ago. Being able to just click on a feed in the lefthand column is certainly quicker than typing in an URL. What I miss is getting the website experience--seeing the layout, the colors, the graphics that the creator put into creating their website. Kind of like how having the actual book in hand while you're reading it is preferable to reading bits and pieces on a computer screen.

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