Monday, July 16, 2007

Facebook, some reflections

Other than the fact that I feel like I'm back in high school (albeit a much more friendly version) with all these "adding friends" and "throwing sheep" and "casting spells" options, Facebook is kinda fun, though a little addictive. I don't think I'll find much use for it after the learning exercises are over, unless my friends keep in touch.

What I found particularly of interest was the various groups/networks one can join. This could be helpful for maintaining an informal relationship with your peers, such as OVGTSL or Kentucky Libraries. This is the only reason I think I will maintain a Facebook account.

It might be beneficial for a library to maintain an account on sites such as Facebook or MySpace, especially if their target audience is the younger generation. If it joined various networks to broaden its reach, this could help draw the attention of those people who might never otherwise set foot in a library. It's kinda cool to see a library demonstrate its technological finesse, particularly since the bookish stereotype of 'hallowed hall of learning' tends to make people think libraries are stuck in the past.

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